Facilities & Services

Services For guests with room accommodation:
waived entrance fee
free use of board games, volleyball area and frisbee disc
free outside movie viewing under the stars via projector (during weekends or for large groups)

Island Hopping Services:
choose between white sand islands with pristine blue water and picturesque coves which are all perfect whether for prenup photography or simply for total relaxation. You can also visit them all in one package.

(Via big motorized boat)

Capones Island- 2500/10 pax, 250/extra person
Camara Island- 2500/10 pax, 250/extra person
Anawangin Cove- 3000/10 pax, 300/extra person
Capones and Camara- 3000/10 pax, 300/extra person
Capones and Anawangin- 3500/10 pax, 350/extra person
Anawangin, Capones and Camara- 4000/10 pax, 400/extra person
Nagsasa Cove- 4500/10 pax, 450/extra person

(Via small motorized boat)

Capones- 1,400/4 pax capacity
Camara- 1,400/4 pax capacity
anawangin- 1,600/4 pax capacity
Capones and anawangin 1,700/4pax capacity
capones, camara and anawangin 1,800/4 pax capacity
Sports and Activities Volleyball
Board games
Flying Chinese lantern
Stand up paddle board
Body board
Surf board
Camping (tent rentals)
Beer pong
Jet ski rentals (reservation required)
Banana boat (reservation required)
Parking Pay parking is located in front of the municipal tourism office, which is approximately 3-5min walk away from the resort, and is being supervised by barangay officials to ensure security of the guests' vehicles. Parking fee: PhP100/light vehicle, Php300/bus for overnight stay.
Food and Beverages Bringing of outside food and drinks is subject to a corkage fee of Php500/10pax which covers all the food, drinks, and liquors that the guests bring inside the resort. It also gives our guests access to the grilling area and allows them to use any available korean portable gas range for cooking (butane gas not included) and common lavatory to wash their own kitchenwares.